ZMPD letter to Mr. Jean – Claude Junker, President of European Commission regarding MiLoG Law in Germany

The Association of International Road Transport Carriers in Poland (ZMPD) for several months now relates with great concern to activities of some Member States which an effect is to deny, for the sake of their own interests, basics pillars of the European Union – the free movement of goods and services.

In the opinion of many transport operators from different countries the introduction by Germany on 1st of January 2015 the minimum wage in transport which is applicable also to foreign companies performing transports to/from/within German territory is an evident violation of fundamental rules of the common European market, not mentioning the attempt of the German administration to influence the employer-employee relationship in other countries what we consider to be inappropriate, not to say – unacceptable.

These provisions, having allegedly to protect foreign countries employees, are nothing else but prohibited by the European law actions to eliminate the so called unfair competition. It cannot be destroyed by means of particular, administrative decisions.

We are of the view that legal amendments of each Member State which influence the competition of the entire EU market can be implemented only once wide consultations are done and in agreement of all European members. In other scenario the dictate of the strongest always takes up which is in obvious contradiction to the common interest of the European Union.

We are confirmed that the European Commission will take an objective decision which comes only from the law. The law which in the European family concerns us all with no exemption- these small and those big, these with stronger economy but also those who are trying to catch up the other developed Member States.

We believe the European Commission is very well aware of this great responsibility on its shoulders. Your opinion on the legality and conformity of the German minimum wage with the European law will become the interpretation to be used by Member States in the future.

We are of the opinion that performing all transports (transit, bilateral, cabotage) on conditions before 1st January 2015 is the quintessence of the free market being the basis of existence and the main idea of the European Union.

Taking into account the above we expect the MILOG problem to be solved as soon as possible with great benefit of all EU citizens. It is in the interest of the European Community and its future.