Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc’s reply to Members of the European Parliament on the next stage of infringement against German Minimum Wage Act by sending to Germany a supplementary Letter of Formal Notice on 16 June 2016

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for your joint letter of 10 May 2016 in which you enquire about the state of play and follow-up actions in the infringement case with Germany on the application of the German Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG).

I wish to assure you that since the launch of the infringement case, my services have been active in pursuing the matter. As you may know, despite the efforts made by both sides, the negotiations between the Commission services and the German authorities have not lead to finding an amicable solution. They, however, have brought certain new elements into the matter, which have been thoroughly assessed by all involved Commission services. Based on this assessment, the Commission decided on 16 June to proceed to the next stage of infringement by sending to Germany a supplementary Letter of Formal Notice.

At the same time, my services are striving to find an appropriate solution, which will balance the social protection rights of workers and the freedom of providing services to ensure the smooth functioning of the EU Internal Market.

As you may know, the Commission’s proposal of 8 March 2016 for a revision of the Posted Workers Directive, highlights that the implementation of the current Directive to the international road transport sector raises particular legal questions and difficulties, which should be addressed through sector-specific legislation.

Therefore, the Commission will assess the issue of the posting of workers in international road transport in the context of the on-going review of road transport legislation.

Yours faithfully,

Violeta BULC

The letter can be read here: VB to MEPS on Minimum wage